Grooming Services

Our experienced team can handle all of your dog’s grooming needs, from nail trims to baths to haircuts. Our standard bath includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim (if needed), gentle but thorough warm shampooing, warm rinse, blow dry, and brush out. Optional services include tooth brushing, de-shedding, and face/feet trimming.

Haircuts include everything listed for a bath, plus the finishing styling cut. Our lead groomer, Stacey, has been with us since 2008 and can make any dog look runway ready. Our entire grooming staff takes the necessary time to ensure that every dog gets a thorough cleaning, drying, and trimming. Appointments are strongly recommended.


Nail Trim (we use a DremelTM) from – $15*

Baths (includes nails, wash, dry, and brush) from – $25*

Neat & Tidy (Bath PLUS Ear Cleaning, Paw Pad/Foot Trim, Sanitary Trim) from – $40*

Full Groom (Neat & Tidy PLUS Full Haircut) from – $50*

*Price dependent upon breed, coat condition, temperament, etc.