Dog Day care PRICES

Doggie Day Care – $26 per day or $16 per half day (5 hours or less)

Day Care Package (Single) – $249 (Good for 10 full day care visits)

Day Care Package (Multi-Dog, Same Household)- $219/each (Good for 10 full day care visits)

Dog Boarding Prices

Standard Rate – $36/night

Multi-pet (same household) – $33/night

“House” Food (We provide the food) – $1 – $3/meal

Dog Grooming

Nail Trim (we use a DremelTM) from – $15*

Baths (includes nails, wash, dry, and brush) from – $25*

Neat & Tidy (Bath PLUS Ear Cleaning, Paw Pad/Foot Trim, Sanitary Trim) from – $40*

Full Groom (Neat & Tidy PLUS Full Haircut) from – $50*

*Price dependent upon breed, coat condition, temperament, etc.

Other Services

Initial Temperament Test – $26/dog

Bordatella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine – $23 per dog