Dog Day care PRICES

Doggie Day Care – $24 per day or $14 per half day (5 hours or less)

Day Care Package (Single) – $229 (Good for 10 full day care visits)

Day Care Package (Multi-Dog, Same Household)- $209/each (Good for 10 full day care visits)

Dog Boarding Prices

Standard Rate – $34/night

Multi-pet (same household) – $31/night

*Pre-bagging Discount $2/night off regular pricing

Each dog’s dry meal must be packaged in a separate baggie (or pouch, can, etc.) for each meal to qualify.  Splitting bags and saving food for the next meal do not qualify for the discount.

“House” Food (We provide the food) – $1 – $3/meal

Dog Grooming

Nail Trim (we use a DremelTM) from – $15*

Baths (includes nails, wash, dry, and brush) from – $25*

Neat & Tidy (Bath PLUS Ear Cleaning, Paw Pad/Foot Trim, Sanitary Trim) from – $40*

Full Groom (Neat & Tidy PLUS Full Haircut) from – $50*

*Price dependent upon breed, coat condition, temperament, etc.

Other Services

Initial Temperament Test – $24/dog

Bordatella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine – $23 per dog